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"Once you peel back the layers of metaphor at work, you realize that these songs work as an allegory for mental health. World on Fire is simultaneously about rising to confront those issues, while also letting us indulge in our nerdy, fantasy interests."

Harry Gustafson, Allston Pudding

"Hamstank funnels work to the public fashioned in his own, organic voice and style. A voice that is less grounded in rock, rap, and R&B. But moreso, his work presents as epic fantasy film score. Hamstank is Boston’s musical go-to for magical realism."

- Rex Mac, Boston Hassle


"Hamstank blends electronic beats and synth textures with the work of some of Boston’s best local singers and instrumentalists for an engulfing and cinematic experience."
Boston Hassle 

"It’s thoughtful, wonderfully earnest, and a little bit nerdy." - Sound of Boston

"It all fits in to a cohesive narrative and is most certainly a release to hear in one sitting to fully contextualise the unfolding storyline."
- Emerging Indie Bands

"That was weird."

- Hamstank's Mom

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